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ylq Oct 21 '19
The winter in Shanghai is neither as cold and snowy as Harbin in the North, nor as sunny as the southern city of Guangzhou. It has its own unique style. In the early winter, when you wake up in the morning, you will find that the air is covered with mist. The mist seems to be flowing, gentle and slow. It strokes your cheeks and adorns your tender cheeks in pink; it surrounds, lies prone on the building, around the house and on the roof, and drapes them - a layer of gauze . The sun rose, and the mist cast a layer of gauze on the sun Newport Cigarettes, reflecting its red face into orange, looking down, the hay has been covered by a layer of frost. Under the reflection of the morning light, the frost glowed with silver, and the dry grass seemed to have disappeared. Yes, this hay should be covered up, otherwise the scenery will be insufficiency. There are not many snowy days in Shanghai in winter, but sometimes it will be a little bit. Just say this year, the snow is not big, with some raindrops, and the northwest wind that comes with the sound of the wind, floating in the air. Not long after, the rain stopped, only the snow fell from the cloudless sky, but they did not touch the ground, as if they were reluctant to leave the space, singing and dancing in the air Cigarettes Online, live and jump. It is more precise to say that they are white butterflies and fly freely in the air. They sneaked into the window gap and jumped into the pedestrian's collar playfully, disappearing silently into the pond. This snow excites the peasants. As the saying goes, "Ruixue Zhaofeng Year", it snows, freezes the pests, protects the crops, and is unwelcome! Next is the child, think about the interesting scenes of snowballing and snowmaning. Can you be upset? However, what makes people disappointing is that the snow is small, stop, and there is no trace of snow on the ground. There is only a small beach of water. After a few hours, the water was frozen into ice. The thin water is transparent and lubricated Newport 100S, and the gloss is like white jade. The dripping water on the eaves also formed into ice. It was long and short, like a sharp steel knife, and it was cold. There was also ice on the opposite side of the creek, and the ice was flat, and it was like a silver blanket on the riverbed. The winter in Shanghai is really beautiful and interesting.
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